spacer ref date:16 Nov 2000 (ECON)
Millennium disasters in London continue

We had the Millennium dome, a structure and idea so poorly formulated it wasted around about 2 billion US dollars in public money and has become the most expensive white elephant in the public eye in history.

Now we have another Blair pet millennium project ' the blade of light' pedestrian footbridge built across the Thames in London, again with public money that has been closed for months as it is sways under load!!

Repair work to the 'Millennium Bridge' across the River Thames in London will cost an estimated 5m and take six months. Engineering firm Arup is planning to attach a "shock absorber system" to the 18.2m structure which will absorb the vibrations caused by all the pedestrians and stop the bridge swaying... perhaps....

  • Millenium dome (FAIL)
  • Millenium bridge (FAIL)
  • Millenium ferris wheel (FAIL)

    Another great waste of public money!