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ref date:9 Mar 2001 (EDU)
Universities paid for by Scots and used by NON-Scots

With the backing of the London controlled Scottish executive we saw double taxes of university students under the graduate tax. We saw Scottish kids unable to get their places in university because the dumb qualifications authority messed up (and is STILL) messing up exams and marking - UNDER LABOURS 'guidance'.

Now it seems the Scottish universities are full of Southern English students and soon apparently, we can expect an influx of Chinese and Malaysian students.

There is NOTHING wrong with cultural diversity at university, its one of the best things about them, but the de facto EXCLUSION of Scottish students because of fiscal and education policies forced on Scotland by London is bl--dy disgusting.

So much for Blairs 1997 MANIFESTO LIE about opening up higher education. Sure there are more places, but fewer Scots able to take those places.