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ref date:27 Oct 2001 (SI)
Scottish Unions get ready to DROP BLAIRS LABOUR PARTY

The Scottish trade union movement has for many years bank-rolled the election campaigns of ONE PARTY in Scotland, the Labour party. Now the unions are set to stop this near 100 year old 'tradition' and change their union rules to select candidates from ANY party they feel will help them fight off the rampant decline in Services in Scotland pushed by TORY Blair and implemented by his poodles in the Scottish 'executive'

One senior Scottish union leader said: "This is the first stage in a shift in support away from Labour to the Scottish Socialists, the Scottish Nationalists and even the Lib Dems. It could easily lead to a situation where some Labour candidates, or their constituencies, will receive trade union funds and not others, depending on their views. The time scale required to make constitutional changes to the unions' rule books is just about right to ensure that the reforms could be in time for the next Scottish elections."

This is FANTASTIC News as Scots start to distance themselves not only from Labour, the party which does as it needs to to please its constituents South of the border with scant regard for Scotlands best interests, but also from Westminster. We should be our own nation and not part of some 'Union' designed to keep as second class Euro-Citizens.