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ref date:9 Aug 2000 (ENV)
Londons new greenhouse tax punish Scotland more than England

SNP MSP Tricia Marwick has attacked the planned imposition of an energy tax by Westminster on Scotland.

The tax is to be levied by London on Scotland, England and Wales to help promote a reduction in greenhouse gases to bring the "UK" into line with planned EU wide greenhouse emission levels.

However, even hydroelectric power plants in Scotland which are VERY environmentally friendly will be hit by this tax. They in turn will raise prices and as usual the Scottish tax payer will have to dig deeper to pay the bills, including our hospitals, schools and Old age pensioners (Seniors).

You can't tax away greenhouse gases and Labour saying they will cut National Insurance (SS) payments to pay for this fuel/greenhouse tax isn't good enough.

People still have to drive to work as Scotlands public transport has been wrecked by Labour local authorities and Labour London governments for decades.

Better the Scots DO GET financial autonomy and fall in line with European rules themselves. Of course the Americans and Chinese aren't bothering so in fact we are paying tax to leave them polluting.....something the EU needs to press home to the retards in Washington.