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ref date:18 Sep 2000 (EDU)
Citizenship lessons an affront to Scottish freedom of speech

Perhaps too many people have been drugged on SOMA for too long, but the very notion of teaching citizenship to Scottish children makes me want to vomit - heavily!!!

A citizen of what? The so called "UK", the institution that has used their families for generations as canon fodder for Englands wars, taxed them to death and suppressed their national identity?

Teach these children instead why the over valued pound is putting their dad out of a job, why Elizabeth R is really Elizabeth the FIRST of the "UK' and that she's descended from the family that murdered Scotlands Royals.

Teach them to vote for the European parliament and that the Scottish flag and the flag of the European Union stand for their future rather than the "Union Jack".

Teach them that Unionism is what is killing Scotland by degrees.