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ref date:1 Jul 2001 (WBA)
Blair can stuff his citizenship lessons up his rear

Tony Blair wants to FORCE young people to be less selfish by making them rake up muck from ponds and empty garbage from bins in high steets. Why doesn't he just say he wants to bring back 'national service'. I agree that YOB teenagers need to be cut down to size and given something useful to do, but why punish everyone else?

Children from the age of 11 will be expected to spend time helping others in ways such as cleaning out ponds or improving communal playgrounds as part of the citizenship programs that all secondary schools will be required to provide from autumn 2002.

This plan is ill thought out. Imposing this 'service' is what was done to louts as a punishment, now Blair wants to brainwash Scots youngsters into thinking the "UK" is good.

This is ILLEGAL. He is planning to brainwash young Scots minds, through indoctrination he can control the next generation of Scots voters. It looks like the subjugation of an ethnically distinct group, the Scots, and this is highly ILLEGAL under European law.

This smarmy twit can get the hell out of Scotlands affairs and hand out his ' brown shirt' mentality service orders to someone else.