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ref date:7 Oct 2000 (WBA)
Sports stadium a slap in the face to Scots

800m ($1 billion), could be the cost of a National (READ ENGLISH) sports arena to be built in London.

Along with the billion or so wasted on the millennium dome its a disgrace.

Many Scots a living in poverty, the hospitals and schools creak into decay and yet the South East of England continues to squander cash like there is no tomorrow, and for many Scots there will be none.

And yet every voting Scot has it in their power to end this disgrace and get some dignity back, some hope for the futures of their families and for Scotland, a cross on the ballot paper next to every SNP candidate will scour Labour off Scotlands back and scrape Westminsters claws out of our lives forever.

All these people have to do is realise that European unionism is the way forward and that the "United Kingdom" is a relic that belongs in the waste dump of yesteryear.