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ref date:16 Sep 1999 (EDU)
Spineless Liberals sellout to keep power

The labour -Liberal coalition that is helping rape Scotland of its assets and send them to Westminsters coffers has a new plan now.

Tax graduates forever, make them pay TWICE for their education, after their parents worked and paid tax all their lives in the first place to give their children a chance at higher education.

Alex Salmond, SNP leader said " Wed be opposed to other measures which are back-door, back-stairs taxation. Were against the graduate tax and we are for fair, progressive taxation that weve already spelled out in order to fund the education of Scotland. You dont need hidden charges or new barriers which could be disincentives as weve seen in the applications of people going to university."

The Liberals have sold out on education, freedom of speech, the removal of the unelected Lords. What is next?

They'll do anything to stay in power and keep this corrupt London controlled, morally bankrupt collection of reprobates in power.