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ref date:18 Apr 1999 (SI)
London using Agent Provacateurs to disrupt SNP power bid?

The Sunday Times online edition today raised some serious question about the behaviour of Westminster/London/MI5 (the "British" CIA).

MI5 is pledged to preserve the "British" state, and the status quo that keeps the Scots tied to London, lock, stock and (oil)barrel.

The SNP are pledgeed to let the Scots achieve the independence ONCE MORE after 300 years of being tied and bled dry by London and the so called "UK" (or "British" state).

Is Labour using MI5 to disrupt the SNP attempt to win the Scottish parliament outright and break this miserable union?

The admissions of spying by the home office (partial keepers of MI5) make this a real and VERY undemocratic possibility.

Then again, whilst London supported freedom for the Czeh/Slovaks, the peoples of the old Soviet Union and all its colonies, it STILL helps suppress the people of East Timor and Scotland, one via guns given to Indonesia and the other through lies and perhaps even 'black ops' as the Americans call it.

After all, no Scotland in the "UK" means no "British" flag waving loonies on the security council of the U.N., so Scotland can be sacrificed to 'world stability' whilst the peoples of the CIS enjoy their new found freedom.

Very democratic (not)