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ref date:27 Feb 2000 (EDU)
Scotlands last students rush to beat labour education tax

The Liberals displayed their total lack of morals and backbone by agreeing with labour in Scotland to DOUBLE tax students after they graduate, rather than penalise them throughout their academic university career to save the rotten-to-the-core coalition in Holyrood (Scotlands 'parliament').

However, the next double tax wont come into affect until next year so many students from poorer households are trying for places this year if their grades are high enough to save themselves the education "penalisation" tax. charge

Those graduates who do have to pay will be billed for 9% of any income over 10,000 until 2,025 is paid. A key part of the deal was a new system of access payments of up to 2,000 a year for students from Scotland's poorest households.