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ref date:9 Mar 2001 (SI)
SNP quiz that Labour CANT answer

The SNP want Labour to answer these questions, to prove to the Scottish people that Labour in Scotland is best for the Scots:

  • full fiscal freedom for the Scottish parliament
    That the Scots should collect ALL taxes and keep them in Scotland for the Scots and spend as the Scottish parliament sees fit.

  • oil and gas revenues
    That the 3-5 billion pounds a year of revenue collected from the "UK continental Shelf" oil and gas fields MOSTLY belong to Scotland and should stay in Scotland.

  • the Barnett formula squeeze
    That the Barnett formula is being used to strip even more cash from the Scots

  • the fishing crisis
    That Labour has ignored the will of the Scottish parliament and has left the industry to die

  • abolition of Trident
    That, as many courts state, the system is illegal under international law and does nothing to promote security

  • testing of depleted uranium shells
    That the Ministry of Defence has used SCottish waters to dump lethal levels of Cancer causing Uranium shells with no regard for the environment nor the Scots people whose sea has been polluted.

  • full Sutherland implementation
    That old age pensioners should have FULL medical care from this point on

  • fuel taxes
    Why are the Scots paying 74% fuel tax, the highest level in the world?

  • EU representation
    That the plush new polished offices in Europe do NOTHING to help boost Scotlands voice in Europe.

  • the devolution of broadcasting powers.
    That the media control exerted by Labour over the media is undemocratic