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ref date:28 May 1999 (EDU)
New Scottish Education Minister supports London

Sam Galbraith, moved from a health portfolio onto education.

Teachers know best when it comes to teaching as nurses know best when it comes to nursing, and doctors know what will benefit patients
The London controlled Scottish parliament micromanaged as it is by the now superfluous Scottish Office, does NOT know what Scotland's education system needs.

The Educational Institute for Scotland and parents do.

NO more interference from London and the cash to do the job properly.

Galbraith spouted on and on, echoing the lunacy and blackmail proffered by Liddell and other Blairites saying "We all have to modernise, and that includes unions and union leaderships. and I hope we can do that. You need teachers with you to drive up the standards and the best way to do that is with them on your side. I want them to be on my side but that requires them to move forward too. I donít want them to come up and give me reasons why things canít be done. I want them to come forward and say how they can help to do this or better ways of doing it. I donít want to hear why it canít be done anymore."