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ref date:30 Jun 1999 (SI)
Labour acknowledges many Scots live in abject poverty

London/Westminster admits 60,000 Scottish children live below the European Union poverty level

How could this happen?

In September 1998 world economic figures indicated that Scotland was the 7th richest country in the world in its GDP. The sad truth is that London continues to tax we Scots at extraordinary levels and does not return sufficient funds to us. The so called Barnett Formula has been the veil behind which this lie has been nurtured by Westminster, for the benefit of South East England and the detriment of all Scots.

Now London admits that Scotland, with its high GDP languishes BELOW the poverty levels set by the European Union. These levels are LOW, have no doubt about that, as they are derived from areas in Europe of poor farmers and countries of far lower GDP than Scotland.

Still Blair and London and Westminster lie through their teeth and say the Scots are could not survive without Londons help.




How can this be? Only if the Scottish economy is being bled by London. The truth is we subsidise them, they would never keep us as a part of the so called 'UK' if we were a financial burden, EVER. Period.

New freedom of information rules being passed in London will ensure the Scots are NEVER allowed to see the EXACT figures on how much we give to London. Using this tool they will continue to sap our life blood, shut down or move control of our businesses to London by arranging pay offs to executives who back Westminsters line and leave us high and dry.

AGAIN: If the Scots were being subsidised by London we'd have been dumped years ago.

What is sad is many of these poverty stricken families vote Labour - hoping in some twisted fantasy that old fashioned socialism will somehow save them, scared by the London controlled media that they can't be free and keep their tax in Scotland for the Scots.

How much longer will this go on? Answer: Until the Scots realise they have been duped, straighten their shoulders and say: