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ref date:29 Oct 2001 (WBA)
Private financing of new hospital a total disaster - surprise, surprise!

The largest and most controversial privately financed hospital, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (ERI), is facing massive budget cuts even before it has opened its doors to patients.

Overspending on construction (and obvious poor management or worse) has left the hospital with a 16m "black hole". The 184m complex at Little France has contributed to a forecast 38m deficit at Lothian University Hospitals Trust (LUHT)

This is why the Private Finance Initiative (PFI)MUST BE SCRAPPED.

It has already fouled up road repairs.

Nicola Sturgeon the health spokeswoman for the SNP said "These figures prove that the private finance initiative is not the best way to finance hospitals,". And went on to add:

"Nobody can look at those figures and say that represents value for money. What worries me is that, in making the savings to get down to a deficit of 10m, which is still atrocious, front-line services are bound to suffer. There has to be an inquiry into how this has gone so badly wrong. I would look on the Scottish executive to think long and hard about any future PFI project in the health service."