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ref date:25 Feb 2001 (CD)
Kosovo the SNP and cowardice

At a time when the Serbians were slaughtering thousands in Europe the USA and "UK" sat back and just watched.

Then came Kosovo, years later and after many atrocities. In marched the "UK" and USA, finally stopping the slaughter.

But at what price? It seems our legacy to them is cancer caused by depleted uranium weapons, a destroyed economy and a gloomy future. Saying 'well at least they're alive' is disgraceful.

At a time where the USA and "UK" started LATE operations to curb the Serbs, after tens of thousands had died, been raped and tortured, the OVERKILL approach led to more casualties.

When US generals were saying on US television that air power alone could not win the battle against the Serbs and when Alex Salmond had the guts to point out that ground forces would be needed he was branded a coward by jingoistic flag waving cowards who had let the matter of Serbia fester for years.

Alex Salmond was right. The others were wrong.

We may have a new Serbia now, but try telling that to the Bosnians, Croats, Albanians and Kosovars who had to wait YEARS for Serbia to be brought to account by the same cowards that had the nerve to make political mileage from Alex Salmonds stance.