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ref date:9 Feb 1999 (ECON)
Labour abandons Scottish Salmon farmers

Having given tens of millions of pounds with no strings attached to English (and some Scottish) sheep farmers, who infected their own stock by feeding them diseased fodder to reduce 'production' costs, Labour will not pay up to help the Scottish salmon industry.

Lord Sewel, the Scottish fisheries minister told Scottish fish farmers

"We are proposing to establish a joint fund over three years with the Government providing up to 3 million per year and the industry contributing 3 million per year.This is to enable farms affected by ISA to survive. This is not compensation ; there is no statutory basis for us to pay compensation."

So, help mainly English sheep farmers who brought scrapie diseased products into the human food chain because of their greed and dont help Salmon farmers who have been affected by naturally occurring infectious salmon anaemia (ISA)

That's fair of Labour!

All Labour voters say BAAAA BAAAAA BAAAA