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ref date:18 Aug 2001 (SI)
Denigration of Scottish identity must be STOPPED NOW

All countries, all nations in the world have books and other physical artifacts, as well as ideals that identify that culture with that nation.

The Scots people, the Scots NATION has its own declaration of independence, whose significance has been attacked by the philistines in 'Historic Scotland' - an organisation whose sole aim seems to be to destroy what is left of Scotlands indentity and aid its permanent internment into the "UK".

Now we see a Holy relic, the supposed bone from the Saint who is said to have brought Christianity to Scotland being called fake.

Whether it is or not does not REALLY matter, the item is a physical representation of some keystone in Scotlands history, that London and people foolish enough to trust Labour and Westminster seems set on destroying.

Couple this with London promoted 'citizenship lessons' for Scottish school children and we see a form of concerted ethnic cleansing that is every bit as disgusting and insidious as the erasures attempted by Serbia on Croatian identity in recent times.