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ref date:12 Nov 2000 (SI)
New Yorks ex Governor tells Scots to take destiny into their OWN hands

Mario Cuomo, a household name across the USA, one idolised by Henry (no-spine)McLeish made several strong statements encouraging the Scots to adopt the can-do mentality of their forebearers who helped build the new world and then free it from Londons domination.

Cuomo said "How are the Irish doing? They're doing sensationally; even we [Americans] know how great they're doing. If we can see it from where we are, why should you [the Scots] lack the confidence you need?"

He went on to say: "It would be presumptuous of me to say Scotland should be independent. We did it with some success but there are a whole lot of differences. "
"This country [the US] has the obvious gifts of climate and natural resources. The resilient, courageous people who made up this country, these are all gifts but we also had the great gift of will."
"Two hundred and thirteen years ago, we willed our freedom.

"We had no right to ask for it. It didn't appear we could win it. It didn't seem to be on the cards. We did it anyway and we succeeded. "
"You have to will yourself stronger. You have to start with a determination to do it and then do it. You have to be fixed in your objective to be stronger, more successful than America or Ireland. "
"When enough people in Scotland and their leadership will it, then doing it becomes a lot less difficult. The basic problem is willing it."

It is so obvious to this man who is neither Scottish nor Irish that the Scots are lacking will power and conviction to step up to nationhood

The Pro Scots-English Union, that is the Labour party, the Liberals and Tories want to exploit the Scots, use us for votes and rape our natural resources , how long before we just say ENOUGH is ENOUGH.?