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ref date:15 Jul 2000 (SI)
Scotlands declaration of independence attacked

In 1320, the Lords of Scotland gave notice on a document ( The declaration of Arbroath ) sent to the Pope in Rome that his holiness should recognise and support the freedom of the Scots against the barbaric torturing and murder carried out on the Scots by Englands Edward II.

Now Jim Brunton, a retired health service worker and member of the "Friends of Historic Scotland", says "Scottish history is littered with myths, and we should clear them up. Kids today should be taught the truth." "I was most delighted when they told me there were going to make the changes" .........." to the MANNER in which the Scottish Lords made their declaration of independence from Edwards murdering armies.

Mr Brunton has missed the damned point. We declared our right to self determination, and whether these Scottish Lords rode across the country on horseback or merely sent their wax seals with their manservants is irrelevant.

The Friends of Historic Scotland should concentrate instead on the systematic way in which Westminster has plundered Scotlands resources, threatened and misled her people and continues to lie to keep them under Westminsters thumb

With friends like these who needs enemies, Burns knew what he spoke of when he said such a parcel of Rougues in Scottish nation.