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ref date:26 Mar 2001 (WBA)
Extreme capitalists and Anarchists equally disgraceful

There are apparently plans underway to hold a mass anti-capitalist riot in London this coming May 1st.

We'll see lunatics on both sides - one side set on destroying viable business at any cost and the other set on increasing profits at any human cost.

Who is in the wrong? They BOTH are.

Large corporations bank roll the US senate and congress and the city of London funds Westminsters grip on its impoverished Northern provinces including Scotland.

Whatever happened to government by the people for the people? We seem to have corporations running everything now and then an extremist reactionary force that leaves us all stunned opposing this.

It happens because too many 'normal' people sit back on their krispy-creme, lottery wishing bloated behinds and let it happen, thats how.....