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ref date:15 Jan 2001 (CD)
Law suits coming over use of depleted uranium

Whilst the MOD was publically backing the use of depleted uranium (DU) weaponery in Iraq and in the Balkans, it appears they issued memos to commanders reminding them how important decontamination was and even issued maps showing areas to avoid as they were 'hot' after US DU shells were used to destroy tanks!

If there was no risk, why take these steps? It seems now that the indigenous people, may have been 'saved' from Saddam or lunatic Serbs just to face long term, agonising deaths related to cancers and birth deformaties.

These DU weapons must go onto the 'banned' list along with OTHER weapons of mass destruction. Why? The radioactive fallout caused by explosions of this ordinance pollutes the food and water supplies for decades, in the same way as many chemical weapons. It seems that whilst Saddam threatened to use such weapons, we did.

Not a pretty picture, but good fodder for the lawyers who will start suits against Western governments, quite rightly I feel, in the near future.