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ref date:30 Mar 1999 (CD)
SNP leader Alex Salmond outspoken on Kosovo

After the BBC and independent TV station in the so called "UK" aired prime ministers Blairs speech to the population of England and Scotland, the SNP leader Alex Salmond said what the AMERICANS NOW FEAR MAY WELL HAPPEN: that the bombing in Serbia may harden the resolve of their barbaric government to commit further atrocities and NOT stop the killings.

Leading US generals said as much only yesterday and yet Blair used this to try and portray Mr Salmond as another Chamberlin with his 'peace in our time' toilet paper!!!

Labours foreign secretary (who signs documents to sell weapons to Indonesia to suppress the people East Timor, like the Serbs suppress the Kosovars) said "To stand aside from NATO and put himself as the only European leader to stand side by side with Milosevic shows he is simply unfit to lead. He is isolated in his view and a Scotland led by him would be isolated."

Mr Salmond replied "In virtually every country which has been blitzed this century, the reaction has been to steel the resolve of the civilian population. "This is what happened in London in the Second World War. It is also what happened in Clydebank. Why should we believe that there will not be the same reaction in Serbia?"