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ref date:8 Jan 2001 (WBA)
Labour accepting cash for favours it seems

Labour accepted a donation f 2m from a tax haven Bermuda bank account, the same kind of account Labour is saying we shouldn't use as we all need to pay our fair share in taxes!

Robert Bourne, the property developer chosen to buy the Millennium Dome, gave Labour 33,000, the last tranche of a 100,000 gift.

450,000 channeled from a leading firm of London solicitors said to have made millions of pounds from the PFI policy.

300,000 from an anonymous private company thought to be involved in the offshore financial services sector.

250,000 from another mystery donor.

An individual donation of 125,000 and two more, each of 100,000.

The PFI is a disgusting slap in the face to the public sector who have tried to work miracles for years on diminishing budgets outside South East England.

Will we see knighthoods next January perhaps or lucrative contracts as double pat on the backs? Labour is every bit as corrupt as the Tories are.