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ref date:21 Sep 1998 (WBA)
Labours key stoolpigeon in Scotland full of it

Mrs Liddell said: "They (the SNP)aim to tear Scotland away from the rest of Britain, turning our friends and family south of the Border into foreigners who will be dealt with by a minister for external affairs - a foreign secretary to deal with the English."

Is this woman (the same one who compared the SNP to the IRA - use the search engine on this site and search for liddell) insane?

London/Westminster have treated SCOTLAND like a colony for years - what else would you call the London appointed Scottish office

This woman doesn't seem to realise that London has treated Scotland as a second class partner since the 'gunpoint' 'Treaty' of 1707 was signed.

Her behaviour will stir up hatred where none exists, like most Scots, I want control of my country back in Scotlands hands with NO Scottish office and no Westminster interfering any longer.

Blair would do well to buy at least one broomstick for the upcoming halloween and send it North to his lackie.