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ref date:7 Nov 2000 (ECON)
Fuel tax rip off to stay says Labour

Here's how the Scots AND English pay the worlds highest fuel taxes

In a brief moment of lucidity, the Tory party (who are they?) leader William Hague said "The exorbitant cost of petrol is not just destroying the livelihoods of many farmers and road hauliers. It is also punishing the millions of families on a tight budget who use the car to deliver their children to school and to do their weekly shopping. It is punishing the millions of rural people for whom the car is a necessity, not a luxury."

He hit the nail on the head. High fuel prices affects the entire way of life, not just a truck drivers and taxi driver BUT ALL OF US!

The Automobile Association found that Scotland AND England pay the highest level of fuel taxation in the developed world and that while in 1998 only 7% of motorists were aware of the precise levels, by autumn of this year that figure had risen to 62%.