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ref date:17 Mar 2001 (WBA)
Scots to be disenfranchised after general election

There are plans afoot, sponsored by our colonial masters in London, to cut 17 of the 72 Westminster seats held for Scottish MPs who represent us in London (in theory) and to all but scrap the Proportional Representation system in Scotland that would ensure that Labour would [a] remain in power there and [b] the SNP would NEVER be able to take a vote for a referendum on independence

This is disgusting. Its ballot fixing, it smacks of the 'rotten boroughs' approach so beloved by the English and slaps the democratic future of Scotland to the ground.

The solution however lies in the ink in the pens of the Scottish voter. If they persist in being so spineless and duped over their generational craven behaviour, letting London rule their country they will get a perpetual continuance of just that.