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ref date:26 Nov 2001 (HEA)
Westminster admits it has wrecked Scotlands health care

Labour party chairman Charles Clarke said of the state of the National Health Service (Medicare) in Scotland that

"The fact is there have been massive improvements in some parts of the NHS but in other areas we have even gone backwards. What we have to do is go through geographic area by geographic area, hospital by hospital, but also discipline by discipline looking at cancer, looking at asthma and say how are we doing in each of these areas?"

He went on to say

"We know it is a very, very patchy situation. That is why we have to analyse and see that new resources are focused to improve the services right across the range. The mandate we were given in June this year was a conditional mandate. They preferred us to the alternatives but they want to see clear improvements in delivering in the key public services of education, health, transport and that is what we are going to deliver."

So he admits that Labour has made the Scots less likely to get good if any healthcare, what Scottish doctors have told the Scottish public for years. Now lets see if the Scots public will now VOTE for the SNP and for Scottish government for the benefit of the Scots and not for Westminsters interests.

If the Scots keeping voting to be an English colony this will only get worse.