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ref date:24 Jan 2000 (WBA)
Dennis Canavan - once Labour now a free thinker

Dennis Canavan was drummed out of the Labour party as Tony Blair and Donald Dewar wanted NOTHING but yes-men and Dennis had the pride and guts to say he was elected to serve his constituents and NOT the London party machine.

He (Dennis) now contends that the party whip system whereby Labour and Liberals alike are TOLD to do what the party wants, and to go against the wishes of the people who elected them is very wrong, and that it ought to be removed from the Scottish system. He said:

"Unfortunately, most of the business in the Scottish Parliament is on Whipped votes and so far virtually all MSPs seem to toe the party line. What the Parliament needs is a good rebellion to liven things up and prove that MSPs are not just party hacks."

"When people vote at the ballot box at a parliamentary election, they are electing their representatives. If the representatives of the people then take all their orders from the party bosses, the quality of representation is diminished and democracy itself is threatened. The people of Scotland deserve better from the Scottish Parliament. "

Dennis would make a good 'first minister' to replace Londons yes-man Donald Dewar.