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ref date:6 Oct 2000 (WBA)
Scottish labour stays with medieval type degradation

The Scottish parliament voted overwhelmingly to stop the compulsory removal of any piece of property a debtor owned to try and recover monies.

Now Nu-Labour, in true Tory style are to rename it 'attachment of movable assets', and STILL strip the individual of all assets - remember how the Tories renamed the poll tax to council tax

SNP's Christine Grahame walked out of this Liberal Labour quango meeting in disgust.

Tommy Sheridan the man who'd made the case and thought he'd won to have "Parliament voted to remove poindings and warrant sales from the statute book, not to have them renamed. I feel angry and completely let down. They got beaten in Parliament and they are now fighting a rear guard action by whipping members into line."

Ms Grahame agreed: "What the Lab-Lib Government are trying to do is reintroduce the discredited system of poindings and warrant sales under another name. That is not what the Justice Committee recommended, and not what the Scottish Parliament voted for."