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ref date:12 Feb 2001 (CD)
US missile defence system makes Scots and English THE target

The Bush presidency is off to a fine start, giving federal cash to religious institutions (breaking US constitutional precedent concerning separation of church and state) and giving the green light to the anti-missile 'defence' system that is ILLEGAL under treaties the US has already signed

Now as this site indicated months and even years ago the US plans to put tracking systems in Northern England that would make much of Scotland and Northern England a prime target for first-strike to knock out a system THAT IS ONLY DESIGNED TO 'PROTECT' THE CONTINENTAL USA

An American based consortium of Scientists who are concerned with this escalation into what may be a new arms race after years of stepping back from the brink said:
"Any power, rogue or otherwise, attempting to mount a missile attack on the United States would inevitably try to knock out or blind the defensive radars first. That makes Fylingdales a prime target for anything from suicide bombers to a nuclear strike."
"Our concern is that the technology for the National Missile Defence is unproven. Two out of three tests have failed and the third was rigged. We are also concerned about the danger of nuclear escalation. Even if NMD could be made to work, the plan is to launch four interceptors at every incoming missile. That means that anyone with more than 50 missiles simply overwhelms the shield. Those with fewer than that will build more. The Chinese have already begun to do so. Even the threat of a totally unproven defensive system is beginning to trigger a new arms race."

This is unacceptable. The people of Europe should not be prepared to back this illegal system, and the US taxpayer should realise that they will still be vunerable to a weapon of mass destruction smuggled over their border in say a truck or container on a ship.

The whole idea is scientifically difficult (but not impossible), and represents a huge waste of tax payers money and an escalation of tensions world wide for NO added protection.