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ref date:3 Sep 1998 (WBA)
Labours bad mouthing SNP backfires

The Labour party has made several scathing attacks on the Scottish National Party in the last few months as it (Labour) has slowly lost its political clout in Scottish politics.

For example, these Labour 'luminaries' have said: George Robertson, the Defence Secretary, described the party as "snake-oil peddlers" while Jim Murphy, the MP for Eastwood, compared them to "sewer rats".

Now a Labour loony from Edinburghs poorly run Labour City council, Susan dalgety, lets Labours true feeling about the SNP and the depths to which her beleagured party will sink out in the open.

She said "I detest the Scottish National Party" and branded it a "barmy army" and "an assortment of oddballs, extremists and out-and-out racists".

She went on to compare the democratic and peaceful SNP with the murderous IRA in Ireland.

Of course New Labour In London issued an apology, but they still harbour the same ill will towards Scottish independence, don't worry Labour. The Scottish voter will see you off next May - you and your Tory politics.